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Enterprises and Startup Incubators

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Enterprises manage  business efficiently and effectively to create value both in telecommunication and digital business. However there is limitation of money to invest in new business such of unit business. Telco must look forward to neutralize this disruption era dealing with speed of response to be passive entity or active entity after managing operational effectively with certain framework. As active entity, telco should facilitate startup ecology incubation and spend money selectively on this method when creating value successfully.  Startup can decrease process business with digital approach and cutting the production cost.

The mix generation such of Gen Y, Gen X and Gen Z not only occur on telco but most of company today. There are a lot of young people out there with high research and innovation who have this challenge in limitation speed called it incubation. Several company pull this talent and ask them the solution of several faced current and future problem. This generation is not working in traditional enterprise but start new entity business with limitation money and other capital. There are not all invested money will create the same value through incubation depend on maturity and endurance of startup in competitive era. However telco and other company can facilitate this opportunity and buy several startup with intuitive and strategic program. If we fail a plan we plan a fail, this idiom indicate the important of strategic execution. This approach will help enterprise to survive and sustain to run this business through open innovation and shared investment.

Picture : Pexels Startup

Telco will run different of business that managed in different way to form such of synergy in both side. It is very dynamic and short of time to find solution to keep this entity work well. Telco must know this business and involve day by day to identify while this startup must be bought and integrate or spine out of new business. The amount of money depend on characteristic of business, varies like Big Data, Internet of Things (IoT), energy or other startup core business approach. The business depend on core of business that combine many expert in different competence and investment.

Telco and other business like banking and public service in current era not only grab the business from telecom especially internet provider, but also from digital business. Because income from digital business greater than infrastructure business based on value chain preposition. However telcom must run proper approach because of limitation money, time and specific generation refer to build and buy resousce strategy, voice of customer focus and product available on market. Combination of this valuable approach and percentage depend on enterprise investment and dynamic time.   This interdependent ecosystem can be maintained to decrease or manage  investment in the beginning and focus on selective startup with value of business.



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