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How does eTOM Help Telco More Efficient and Effective?

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eTOM can help Telco to be more effective and efficient by manage it’s processes more strutcturally advenced to allocate more time to new business in disruptif era.  Firstly, eTOM has tree processes area : strategic, operational and enterprise management.  Like value chain to deliver valuable service to customer, we devide core business and support business.  Why does eTOM devide three area to structure processes?  Because in fact there are three major area in time dimensions : long term (stretegically), Short time (operational) and box that support both of them (strategic and operations) called enterprise management.  Today there is one time dimension called disruptive era that management give attention or strategic approach because limited time dan cost.

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Management can migrate from old architecture toward Next Generation Network (NGN).  In traditional architecture of network management allocate special resources to each services to cistomer.  In NGN framework we can use the same network to each services.  By Unity of resources and database parameterizable we can deliver more services to customer by Internet and digital technology approach.  The key is make processes more effective and efficient and allocated or buy human from market into business and new business.

eTOM has five level from process area dan end to end processes toward activties each resources distnguise by brand.  Different brand can has different activities in fulltillment or Assurance processes.   After processes area (leve-0), we enter to end to end processes (level-1).  There are 3 (three) in strategic area, 4 (four) in operational area and 7 (seven) in enterprise support area.  The end to end process is cross function or domain or organizaton structure strategically and operationally.  There are domain stratetegic and operation in etom such of customer, service, resoucre and supplier/partner.  Third party is supplier or partner depend on percentage profit sharing and no enterprises build their own resources.  They should integrate the system with third party with international standard easiely.  The eTOM level-2 is functional processes dealing with division in several enterprise such of function that has specifik task force.  Level 3 and Level 4 are dealing with activity and level-5 has difference with resources brand.  However telcos have service and resource and most of them based in IT like gateways and routers.  We should understand IT Service and integrating them with eTOM.  As business processes framework, eTOM is integrated with integrated technology (TNA) with data framework (SID) and application framework (TAM).  Why do we integrate eTOM with other framewori like data and application? Because services are growing up with mimimum resources.  Each services should have an id that related to all resources involved with customers in database Service Catalog and Resources Interaction.

The core of structured eTOM, SID, TAM and TNA are business event. When and where does business event occur? It is easier to trace and manage business event driven from customer (external) or network (internal) on structured business process in telco enterprise.  By groping processes horizontally and vertically dealing with organization structure. we can create approach to make enterpirse be better than before.  Management has an options and limitation of time between revenue and profit and migrate toward operation excellence and make strategic processes lead operation processes.  However there is different time dimenson of disruptive that push management to migrate network to be better to response enough time of this era.

Enterprise increases their performance by settting SMART goals periodically.  In eTOM each domain has qalitative and quantitative key indicators to achieve that force intenal process business and learning & growth  deliver valuable services to customer profitability.   eTOM has specific domain and function that integrated with end to end processes to achieve enterprise goals.  Management should make clear difference about intagible (telco) and intangible business (disruptive business).  Both of them has difference activities and agility to response business environment like artist and canvas on their work.

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