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Telecommunication in Disruptive Era

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Today we enter a disruptive era.  Every business not only telecommunication should invest in research and innovation especially to response the future as a part of this era.  Research and innovation must be put on operationally response and future in time dimension.  One thing we should consider is decreasing of telecom revenue and profit.  Telecom should be in this game, involve of digital issue that most of revenue as player not as infrastructure provider. Telecom as digital Internet and Communication Technology (ICT) player, become the active side to overcome this situation and convert it to challenge.  Not only on infrastructure provider but in content provider. Something that usually provide to our customer, big opportunity to decrease business process and selling a product and service by online condition.

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Telecom movement from traditional to disruptive depend on their maturity.  There are two group to response this situation. The first group we called passive entity and the other is active entity.  Passive entity is entity that response this era with strategic program to maintain it’s role in telecommunication.  Active entity invest a  lot of money in new business especially in content provider with cloud approach.  However we can  compare between active entity and telecom player is about cost.  This issue should be minimize in communication with regulator and customer dealing with price strategy, products and services.  Although advantages competitiveness should be maintained to make it grow and sustain.

The other approach is crossword and open innovation with startup ecological solution to speed up time.  Human resource is an art to buy or built as researcher and building new business.  However only minimum percentage startup being success like re-engineering craft in short time to win the business.  Intuitive and dynamic strategy should be taken by management to arrange current business and future business.  Time is up, and disruptive and digital  era will come to grab the business.

eTOM has processes box in enterprise management Knowledge and Research Management with definition and description.  The Knowledge and Research Management process grouping performs knowledge management and research management within the enterprise including evaluation of potential technology acquisitions.  This process tell the management about priority of research management dealing with spin out the unit business into special task force to response this era.  Telecom should find the new way to create value chain from internet provider to the digital player of this business.  Digital is near from ICT framework so that network should be managed to excellence operation towards customer intimacy and innovation through Next Generation Network (NGN).  NGN push the operator to manage their services with the same network and efficiency raise optimum value. The Rest of time and resource can be arranged to new business to grab the market.

The Difference between enterprise and knowlege and research management is about vision and agility.  Why should research management spin out from the enterprise? Because enterprise and research management and innovatioon have their own strategy about business.  Second is about time cosumption.  Research management has a limit time to pull enterprise toward the future this era and difference remuneration to researcher.  Research management has own competition with other global research and innovation and different process with enterprise. eTOM teachs us what should we do.  How do we do is defend us to reach the goals of business.


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