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eTOM and Shadow System

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Knowledge Management is such of nutrition for the enterprise to survive, grow and sustain. It is not only best track to make firm bigger from Small Medium Enterprise (SME) to be large enterprise however we need such of shadow system to ensure firm can life in a long time with providing valuable product and service. eTOM provide on end to end process in Enterprise Management Group Process called Knowledge and Research Management. This process provide shadow system as knowledge based layer behind legitimate system processes that clearly shown and decomposed from organization level, group level and individual level. We can focus to measure KPI of end to end process and perform negative feedback loop and single loop learning as business system layer activity based on formal rule and encourage shadow system with subject Matter Expert (SMEs) involved to perform positive feedback loop to increase “energy” and double loop learning with knowledge creation based on chaos creativity. This two different cycle should promoted and managed with flexibility leader in proper field align with corporate vision, culture and technology that tag tacit and explicit knowledge.

etom shadow

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Read Interaction of the Legitimate System and the Shadow System in Organisations pdf …
Read organizations and the dynamics of the environment by Rob Dekkers Google Book …
Read Engineering and product development management: the holistic approach by Armstrong Google Book …


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August 26, 2011 at 3:19 am

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