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eTOM and Organizational Capability for Performance Improvement

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Performance is defined by value results, accomplishment, or contribution of an individual/team or an organization, regardless of preferred or mandated processes (Gerson and Watkins, 2007). Organization should create such of capabilities to improve performance to win the business dynamically. Organizational Capability is ability of a firm to manage the people to gain a competitive advantage. Building organizational capability focuses internal organizational processes and system on meeting customer need and ensures that the skill and efforts of employees are directed toward achieving the goals of the organization as a whole. In this way employees become a critical resource for competitiveness that will sustain itself over time (Ulrich and Lake, 1990). eTOM has complete process decomposition that can be used as proper starting domain to implement suitable change management and intevention program to improve organization capability from individual and group level towards organization level dealing with improved performance outcome. We can start from organizational level output and outcome scoring to make sure all core stream end to end process running well to achieve performance target. With comparing to competitor for judgement in competitive advantage value of internal process, we can decompose lower level of chosen stream to domain functional processes and scoring output and outcome dealing with end to end process to identify performance’s gap and create single and double loop learning as program intervention.

NDC Performance Gap MeasurementNGOSS

Based on Workflow Analysis we can create Root Cause Analysis to identify core problem to be solved with generative learning of value relationship between six enabler such of raw input (material and information), human resources, tools (device and ITs), processes, output and outcome in three dimension readiness, alignment and integration. Initial observation can be done by using baldrige scale of process (Apporach (25), Deploy (50), Learning (75) and Integration (100)), and output-outcome (Level (25), Trend (50), Compare (75) and Integration (100)). eTOM based on enterprise value chain is easy process framework that provide value relationship about domain process dealing with other process vertically and horizontally for enterprise to make such of differentiation in core process and create knowledge in lower level to group and individual level in optimum alignment as common enterprise’s problem in shared meaning, effective measurement and performance management dynamically.

Vrio Framework

Refer to Competitive Advantage based on VRIO Framework (Value, Rarity, Imitability and Organization), there are three element dealing with how to organize enterprise to build competitiveness and exploit resource and opportunities such of control system (financial and culture), reporting and coordination and compensation policy. Building KPI feedback and knowledge of outcome result based on core process from organization level towards lower level process intervention of generative solution to control performance in one of essential initiative today as social network era and control flow of third generation of knowledge management. eTOM will provide large span scope and aspect of analysis control with speed of knowledge and value creation from individual’s level to organization’s level with their complex value relationship management as knowledge flow qualitative and quantitative business process to enterprise.

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    agile testing

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