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eTOM and Gestalt knowledge relationship visualization approach

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eTOM provide process decomposition in generic “what should we do” from zero level to 3rd level with functionality domain and end to end stream process for value creation through product and services. This holistic to atomic model can be used to provide spatial decision support (SDSS) based on knowledge relationship and gestalt human perception in learning process and improve competitive advantages. This approach can promote steps toward learning organization start with shared vision or shared context such of value creation based on personal mastery, team learning, mental model and system thinking. Rigid organizational structure that blocks knowledge’s flow in each sub system of core stream process can be normalized to be enabler of readiness, alignment and integration produce valuable outcomes. Visualization and integration between processes, information, knowledge, output, system and outcomes should be a part of creating solution in each level’s problem, shared it to all involved Subject Matter Experts (SMEs). This problem acquisition should be done before, during and after processes execution and restructuring in suitable package, inject them to proper target in dynamic business environment. eTOM can be promoted as complete taxonomy and processes area maps than shown indicators of problem solution as speed knowledge creation that embedded in product, service and system. It provide learning area as value judgment of enterprise’s differentiation among social network relationship management. We can create a lot of context and personalize SDSS to align and restructure all perceptions in proper level such of strategical, tactical and operative to assure and maintain all processes will be integrated in competitive advantages.

Performance Management Dashboard

Proper SDSS based on eTOM stream processes will affect of Human Resource’s perception of process integration to create outcome rather than out liner task that perceived as a whole. This experiential learning will improve proximity and continuity level of Job Characteristic Model (JCM) dimension such of Task Identity and Task Significance. Integration dashboard of SDSS with suitable process level context and KPI will improve feedback and autonomy dimension to build knowledge of result and responsibility and meaningfulness of work. This situation should be enabler of value creation based on knowledge value chain–journey of knowing what, where, when toward knowing why, how and who–with subjective value judgment (differentiation), relational, practice on aesthetic willingness.

Read Generation Supporting System based on Anchor and Gestalt Theories, Yang-Lee pdf …
Read A New Framework to study Decision in Organization: The Decisional Fit Model Lebraty-Sanchez pdf …
Read Gestalt approach problem solving, representation and restructuring, Goldstein, google book…
Read Gestalt principles of form perception by Mads Soegaard …and Robert Graham Website …
Read Humanistic Psychology and Gestalt approach …
Information dashboard design: the effective visual communication of data Oleh Stephen Few Google Book …
Read Performance dashboards: measuring, monitoring, and managing your business by Wayne W. Eckerson Google Book
Read Logos processing, perception and association pdf …


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