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Astimen PHP Process Simulator (free-ap2s) and Knowledge Value Chain

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Today is knowledge and social network era based on Third Generation Knowledge Management (TGKM) that force all nodes in world wide create value in relationship management dynamically. Speed of “know how” creation can not overcome complexity informations flows that change all context as a feedback to us how to respond effectively to survive and growth. However all of this “flows of knowledge” is the biggest resource should be connected as value creation based on personalized context in delivery service and product. It’s free on the clouds to be integrated in continuous shared value that help each other embodied this learning to internal processes to keep sustain. One of them is NGOSS framework based on OOAD (Object Oriented Analyzed and Design) as standard Operation Support System of Business Value Chain combine with free open source software for starting journey of learning organization.

integration framework

Integration need approach, deployment and learning as a combination among activity, data/information, human resource, IT Tools, Output and Outcomes. Sometimes it’s a difficult to create value in processes because it will depend on IT’s as a mandatory enabler in this era dealing with Return Of Investment (ROI). However value of integration itself are stream processes from individual, group and organization level as differentiation area that can not be standardized, however should be created by processes owner.

free-ap2s from aesthetic process to system

This Free Astimen PHP Process Simulator (free-ap2s) is one approach to address this situation to provide simple package that allow process owner focus in creating value processes with all other enabler for free. Process owner will shared their model to others and enrich new approach, simulate them before deployment based on suitable and measurable enterprise application package.

Read and Get Shared free-ap2s Source Code and join this Learning Journey….


Written by astimen

April 21, 2011 at 6:48 am

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  1. Did you use the ap2s modeler to create the top picture? Is that process model an artistic overlay or a model created by the software. I really like. it.


    October 19, 2011 at 12:33 am

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