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eTOM and more connection of Leadership for 21st century

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eTOM has high capacity to afford world changing of integration between management and speed of changing in social network era known as Third Generation of Knowledge Management (TKGM). The high speed of accessing information and how all entities connect in social network will create dynamic driving objective for customer to change their needs and wants that produce information flows in enterprise’s internal business processes more difficult to control, track and manage. Relationship management that connect all node of processes should be understood, tracked and managed to produces value creation dynamically in still connection effort to control critical and core valued process based on VRIO Framework. eTOM facilitate this situation with horizontal domain function and vertical stream processes to analyze this issues and make intervention priority to increase valued connectivity that align with business goals and win the competition.

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The first generation of knowledge management could then be characterized as being focused on information
sharing, information repositories, and intellectual capital accounting. The second generation brought in the concepts of tacit knowledge, social learning, situated and embedded knowledge, and communities of practice. On a more practical level second generation knowledge management emphasized that knowledge management is about systemic organizational change where management practices, measurement systems, incentives, tools, and content management needed to be co-developed (Tuomi, 1999).
The third generation will also emphasize the link between knowing and action. Here it will, however, hit the basic constraint of all social systems. To make knowledge real, it is not sufficient that one single individual knows and acts based of her knowledge. All knowledge is inherently social and cultural, and organizational knowledge can only be realized through change in organizational activity and practice. Knowledge creation implies social revolution. (Tuomi-2002)
eTOM has 5th level of processes consist of standardized objective processes framework (zero to 3rd level) and subjective differentiation value process creation based on enterprise dynamic strategy (workflow of 3rd to 5th level). This framework provide 14th connected stream processes and four core critical domain in value chain relationship internal and external business entities. TM Forum provide also what we known Shared Information and Data (SID) to manage information flow in these processes that should be tracked and managed their value creation connectivity for leveraging all intangible assets (employees, organization, customer, social capital) to create value in this social network era.

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February 28, 2011 at 2:48 am