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eTOM and “Outcomes” Process Framework

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It is essential difference between output and outcomes that should be notified in creating value through processes with leveraging intangible assets of knowledge management. Processes deliver OUTPUTS. In other words, what pops out of the end of a process is an output. Customers usually have expectations about both the process and the output (how they get what they want, and what they actually get). That’s where Outcomes fit in dealing with IMPACT Of outputs to customers. An OUTCOME is a level of performance, or achievement. eTOM defines seven first level’s processes (SIP-OFAB) that focus to deliver customer’s value through product and service, improve satisfaction level and business continuity impact. How eTOM ensure outcomes flow through its frameworks?. It can be done with balance combination between horizontal functional domain process and stream vertical processes.


Horizontal process groupings, which represent a view of functionally-related processes within the business, such as those involved in managing contact with the customer or in managing the supply chain. This structuring by functional groupings is useful to those who are responsible for creating the capability that enables the processes.

Vertical process groupings, which represent a view of end-to-end processes within the business, such as those involved in the overall billing flows to customers. This end-to-end view is important to those people who are responsible for changing, operating and managing the end-to-end processes. These people are more interested in the outcomes of the process and how they support customer need – rather than worrying about the IT or the workgroups that need to work together to deliver the result.

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January 31, 2011 at 3:20 am

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