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eTOM and Related Standards as KM Social Capital

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There are several Knowledge Management (KM) generation from knowledge repository, Communities of Practice (CoPs) and Social Network as third generation. KM is capacity to act to create value by leveraging intangible assets (organization capital, human capital, customer capital and social capital). eTOM as one of business process framework has been implemented among other industry standards such: ITIL, ITU-T, SIPOC, SCOR, ISO, Rosetta Net etc. This issues should be put as Relationship Management between enterprises with their social capital in open system with interdependent relationship that need to be managed and exploited to be competitive advantages. In KM Strategy we should think and act to create this relationship over come critical problem align enterprise goals as shared context (SECI-Ba) dealing with creating knowledge in dynamics market competitiveness caused of Supplier and partner, complementor in integrated network centric solution for customers.

Social capital

All of this resources of standard should be put in knowledge value chain for creating combination of subjective and objective approach form enterprise’s differentiation dealing with creating value for customer and get stock value greater than book value as Knowledge Based Organization. With using Knowledge Engine all of this relationship standard should be injected to production capability that reflect effective strategy with speed response in creating solution to grab the dynamic market and decrease loss opportunities. Enterprise can improve value (VRIO) through this related standards that will add valuable dimension to acquire structured knowledge asset such of problem on richer mapped processes area dealing with proper ontological problem solution with Subject Matter Experts (SMEs) as generative learning.

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January 14, 2011 at 10:58 am

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