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Telecom Invisible Balance Sheet

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Telecom Knowledge Based Enterprise (TKBE) has invisible asset that indicate social network interaction among employee, organization and customer as external entities. Employees come to enterprise to increase their knowledge, create and improve enterprise’s system, provide valued product and services for customer need and wants. Knowledge Management is the art of creating values and leveraging intangible assets (Sveiby). Based on Sveiby framework known as The Invisible Balance Sheet we can calculate and quantify the power of knowledge interaction as invisible asset compare to tangible asset based on book value. This Knowledge Strategy of interaction affect amount of subtracting visible equity from revenue (or market value) compare to total asset as enterprise’s knowledge based level

The Invisible Balance Sheet Telecom

Enterprise’s knowledge based level depend on knowledge strategy focus among all components. For Operation Excellence strategy that moves towards customer satisfaction and innovation intention TKBE create a lot of knowledges to improve internal organization such of SOPs and systems based on interaction of customer and employee with organization. Knowledge Assets of TKBE will improve speed of problem solution for productivity. eTOM can be promote as asset’s taxonomy as telecom social interaction based framework deal with all issues and solutions controlled by system in operation excellence strategy. Social Network Interaction will change based on Knowledge Strategy Focus affect by external entity dynamically.

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October 20, 2010 at 9:33 am

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