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eTOM Knowledge Asset Approach

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eTOM as Business Process framework can be used as knowledge taxonomy and starting to step building Telecom Knowledge Based Enterprise (TKBE) Knowledge Asset: Knowledge Audit, Knowledge Strategy and Change Management. The major dimension of taxonomy TKBE Knowledge Asset are eTOM, Organization Capital, CoPs, Knowledge Yellow Pages with Knowledge Object as fact in star schema (OLAP) database configuration. knowledge services audit, identifying and cataloging the knowledge assets supporting the organization’s intellectual infrastructure. Audit results guide the development of an enterprise-wide knowledge strategy linked to the organization’s business strategy and designed to strengthen enterprise-wide Knowledge Development/Knowledge Sharing (KD/KS). Restructuring and change management will be required. In the restructuring, all parties seek to strengthen the relationship between technology and knowledge, with particular emphasis on enterprise content management and KD/KS for ensuring best knowledge asset utilization in the new economic environment.
Hypertext Organization eTOM

Refer to Hypertext Organization as TKBE organization framework consist of Project Tim Layer, Business Layer and Knowledge Based Layer, eTOM can be put as central dimension as business layer relate to Organization structure that run the business, CoPs and KYellow Pages as Shadowed Knowledge Layer to utilize Knowledge Object as Fact information that align with business strategy to win the business, survive, grow and sustain.

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