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Internalization New Knowledge eTOM Processes

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Internalization is the essential part of TKBE SECI Processes to complete one cycle of knowledge creation spirally in ontological eTOM shared context process layer areas from individual 4th and 5th layer to organizational and inter organizational zero and 1st layer of open system TKBE. It means that to deliver firm’s customer value products and services to appropriate market need coupling and integration all pipes of stream information and knowledge activity’s team learning with SLA’s speed and capability of delivery in culture, norms, SOPs, and practices. How we can internalize new knowledge from best concept and combine with current rule and roles? The answer is creating exercise shared context Ba with simulation, experience learning and proven practice that generate near truth and confidential levels for creative tension personal mastery and executing the stratagy.

simulationsimulationeTOM Ba

The accountable and responsible individual as intangible assets with tacit and explicit should be integrated in systemized processes with three Bloom’s taxonomy of learning to acquire required knowledge. One of them is Affective and Psychomotor in exercising shared context as stepping based line combine with internal critical processes of TKBE Differentiation.

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