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Knowledge as Telecom Value Judgment

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eTOM framework as shared context provide completed space of physical, virtual and mental to achieve Telecom shared customer value vision. Strategic area with stream of “SIP” continue to journey to “OFAB” operation’s stream and should be supported by Enterprise Management’s stream that need value judgment to bring “then-there” solution and suggestion to “here-now” in competitive dynamic business environment. The ability to judge near the truth of strategy and implementation (tactical and operational) that describe in appropriate eTOM zero to fifth level business processes is the most essential things that combine with technology. It can be done with knowing knowledge’s characteristic for applied and content quadrant of knowledge management and learning organization rather than deep thinking to create generic meaning of knowledge for science consuming. Knowing Knowledge’s Characteristic is the first step towards utilize it in key, core and critical process align with Enterprise Vision and Goals, produce creative tension of personal and group making and embodied it systemically in product, service and system.

knowledge value eTOMLevel

Value judgment and here-now knowledge creation will improve sense and response continuous improvement and innovation that start from customer need and wants in competitive dynamic business environment. Differentiation and knowledge creation is subjective enterprise’s perceive based on aesthetic customer value that embodied in product, service and system proven by relational and practice shared context spread in all eTOM business process framework

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May 22, 2010 at 2:59 am

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