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Telecom Knowledge Based Enterprise (TKBE)

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Telecom Knowledge Based Enterprise (TKBE) is knowledge Management Framework used eTOM as Driving Objective of Knowledge Creation Dynamically to exploit market opportunities and neutralize threats with competitive advantages values (Resources and Capabilities). All structured activities to improve organizational capacity is force to provide problem solution and future suggestion to avoid silo data and information’s problem and provide required knowledge readiness, integrated and align to support key process where product and service are delivered to satisfied customer to create growth and productivity. eTOM have fifth level of processes as shared context to create new knowing how and stored to enterprise’s asset in eTOM critical knowledge taxonomy.

TKBE facilitates any structure activity dealing with problem solution and suggestion through Knowledge Conversion SECI Framwork to provide required knowledge readiness and align with corporate business goals with exploiting market opportunities and neutralize threats based on “What Vision”. This spiral activity as combination of knowledge type tacit and explicit to create “Knowing Why” as analytical subjective point of view need shared context for interaction with “Knowing How” as practice objective point of views through all organizations and embodied it to product, services and system as Knowledge Assets. This Ba are all eTOM process from 4th and 5th levels as ontological individual shared working instructions (people, tools and information) to 3rd, 2nd level as Group’s SOPs and 1st level as stream process to get organizational outcomes. Ba should create also in external ecosystem with Customer, Competitor, Shareholder, Stakeholder, Complementor, Supplier and Partners. All this Knowledge asset direct correspondingly with Organizational Capacity to response business environment , survive, grow and sustain as Driving Objective part of leadership’s phronesis for value judgement of common goods to bring differentiate knowing how “then there” to be “here now”


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May 10, 2010 at 10:48 pm

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