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eTOM Process in House Of Quality of OKC

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Organization Knowledge Creation (OKC) is Organizational capacity in creating new knowledge and disseminate it through all organization and embodied it in products, service and system part of Knowledge Management as any structured activities that can improve organizational capacity to acquire/create, sharing/use knowledge that can improve the organizations process to survive, Grow and sustain.

eTOM and QFD

House of Quality or QFD (Quality Function Development) with eTOM Framework in Hows of Technical Requirements can be used as Ba or Shared Context of all Subject Matter Experts (SME) involved for SECI Processes to fill Telecom Enterprise’s Knowledge Asset dealing with Knowledge layer to win the business with delivering appropriate product and service faster than competitor. Knowledge creation initiatives can be generated from customer needs and wants and competitor value as differentiation. This creativity tension form energy to answer “Why” and create New Knowing How to be applied in eTOM fourth and fifth level as originating Ba in SECI Processes. eTOM Process as “What Should We Do” in telecom process map can be promoted as “Shared Vision” for “Personal Mastery Employee” to create “Team Learning” with “Competitive Advantage Mental Model” as integrated “Sistem Thinking Knowledge Based Layer” to exploit opportunities and neutralize threats, rarely, costly to imitate and organized based on “Learning Organization Disciplines”

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May 4, 2010 at 12:58 pm

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