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Telecom Critical Knowledge Taxonomy

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In Business Level Strategy approach firm should identify Key Process, Core Process and Common Process that have to be compare to competitor’s ones. Telecom industry has eTOM (Enhanced Telecom Operation Map) with stream process and key process used to create “Telecom Critical Knowledge Taxonomy” as differentiation key to win business competition. Knowlege Creation as firm’s capacity to create new knowledge, acquire, share, use and embody it to product, service and system need ba (shared context) in 4th level and 5th level of eTOM Processes with SECI model in Corporate’s Knowledge Asset. Organization competitive advantage’s value, rarity, imitability and organization deal with eTOM key process domain can be organized in continuous spiral activity from individual, group and organization knowledge creation.

eTOM Critical Knowledge Taxonomy

eTOM Critical Knowledge Taxonomy can be positioned as “Knowledge Based Layer” as a shadow of “Business System Layer” combined with “Project System Layer” in Hypertext Organization where knowledge content are combined more flexibly across layer and overtime. Organizational Knowledge Creation flow naturally from Hypertext organization, since each structure generates and accumulates new knowledge differently with deadline project and more concentrated resource and energy. Differentiation area between hypertext and competitor at 4th Level and 5th Level of eTOM Processes as a result knowledge creation with shared context deal with problems and suggestion in dynamic competitive flows caused rarely and inimitable innovative product, service, system appropriately faster than competitors.

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April 11, 2010 at 10:20 am

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