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Knowledge Management Theory and Practice

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Knowledge Management is any structured activities that can improve organizational capacity to acquire/create, sharing/use knowledge that can improve the organizations process to survive, Grow and sustain.


Knowledge has enter the new revolution and transformation and affect human society and made knowledge the essential resources rather than other basic “factor of production”. Without other factors , knowledge can not produce and perform. But with knowledge we can produce effective management, apply knowledge to knowledge and always obtain the others resources. Supplying knowledge to find out how existing knowledge can best be applied to reproduce result is, in effect, what we mean by management. By knowledge is now also being applied systematically and purposefully to define what new knowledge needed, whether it is feasible, and what has to be done to make knowledge effective. It is being applied in other words to systematic innovation. Sustainable Competitive Advantage’s Company have more knowledge as intangible assets that tangible assets such as value of Enterprise’s knowledge workers are too expensive than buildings, computers and other physically tangible objects.

Read KM Theory and Practice Google book by Kimiz Dalkir …
Read Knowledge Creating Company Google Book by Nonaka …
Download KM Theory and Practice pdf book by Kimiz Dalkir …
Download Shared Context Ba by Nonaka …


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