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OSS Architecture for Network Management in Korea Telecom (KT)

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Sung Bong Moon, Sung Jun Go, Daniel W. Hong Technology Lab. KT Daejeon, Korea

The recent decades have witnessed telecommunication service providers continuously invest in development and operations of OSS. This development has the primary purpose of supporting stable and efficient networks and service management. The number of OSSs that operate in the field has also increased, making OSS one of the most important investment areas for service providers. However, there appears to be lack of judgment for
OSS development in respect to enterprise and long term vision. It is suggested that a new OSS architecture and an advanced OSS architecture model. In order to implement such an advance, it is suggested OSS architecture utilizing a TMF eTOM model be used. This paper introduces this approach and also shows standard(reference) application architecture for KT NMS


To make a macro view of the current OSS status of KT, the OSS systems were positioned on the eTOM map allowing each system’s supporting business process area and positioning to be seen easily at one time. This provides a basic information map which enables analysis of each OSS role and function redundancy. An example of current OSS system analysis results is show in Fig. 1. This example was achieved by mapping all the systems to eTOM Level2 business processes. System information was based on data collected over a three month period

Read Implementation Pdf detail …

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NGOSS Impelementation pdf detail in KT …


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November 23, 2009 at 10:38 am

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