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eTOM Enterprise Management Process

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By Kundan Misra Bsc (Hons), LLN, Phd, Department of Computer Science, University of Warwick, UK

In this reference’s link we learn about knowledge management and learning in Enterprise Management Area deal with seven level-2 processes.

Enterprise Management involves the knowledge of enterprise-level actions and needs and encompasses all business management processes that are necessary to support the rest of the enterprise. These processes are necessary in any business because they are needed to run the business al the enterprise level, to direct the business and to support the direct and indirect customer processes. Enterprise management processes include corporate-level processes such as those for financial, legal. regulatory and public rela tions management. This area sets corporate strategies and directions and provides guidelines and targets for the rest of the business. These are sometimes considered as the “corporate” functions andlor processes. Enterprise management also includes strategic planning for the enterprise in addition to information systems strategy development and management. Enterprise management processes in general do not have a customised aspect for information and communications service providers.


The enterprise management process groupings are:

• strategic and enterprise planning
• brand management, market research and advertising
• financial and asset management
• human resources management
• stakeholder and external relations management
• research and development, and technology acquisition
• enterprise quality management, design of business processes, and planning and architecture of IT systems
• disaster recovery, security management and fraud management.

Read Google Book OSS For Telecom Network by Kundan Misra …

Read Pdf Enterprise Management Page …

Download eTOM Version 8.0 Pdf by Amdoc


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