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eTOM and Lean Telecom Operator with NGOSS Framework

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W.H.A. Senekal, A.J. Graaff, and J.J. Davis

The ever increasing demand of customers for better and faster delivery of services contributes to the high rate of change within the telecommunications industry to meet these demands. Telecommunication operators need to rapidly react to these customer demands. In this paper a brief overview is given on the New Generation Operations Systems and Software (NGOSS) framework and Service Oriented Architecture (SOA) principles to assist a telecommunications operator in a dynamic environment. A case study based on SOA principles and guided by the NGOSS is also discussed.


There are three cornerstones that highlight the capabilities of a lean operator, these are:
· Information architecture
· Process architecture
· Interaction architecture
Focusing on the information architecture, information is one of the biggest assets within an operator. It is thus of highest importance that the information is structured and modeled in such a way so that new technologies can be quickly introduced into the existing infrastructure. Information should also be up-to-date at all times with the highest level of integrity for real-time and accurate queries and statistics. The introduction of a new technology is accommodated by business processes which define the different smaller
processes within the fulfillment, assurance and billing domain to support the new technology. Since customer
requirements and technology changes all the time, the defined business processes will also change and thus needs to be structured and architected to easily adapt to these changes, i.e. process architecture.\

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