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Knowledge Management and Business Process Integration Learning

Unified process and knowledge management

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The kBOS unified process and knowledge management model is based on linking knowledge management to the business model of strategy-process-product- performance control.

The Knowledge Management strategy provides an input to the knowledge acquisition and dissemination process. However, the detailed requirements for knowledge acquisition and dissemination are determined by the knowledge needed to run the company’s business processes. At the process design phase knowledge limitations/gaps can be identified and this will dictate knowledge acquisition plans. Operational processes are evaluated using user feedback which identifies additional requirements.
Knowledge acquisition requirements will be translated in recruitment and training requirements. The training programme provides the means to establish the required skills and competencies. The training programme should enable the company to operate efficiently with optimum levels of productivity and effective decision making.

Knowledge Process Management

Process measurement and customer feedback is used in the performance management process; the outcome of which will guide the refinement of corporate strategy, knowledge management strategy and process improvement.
Knowledge development is the result of training combined with experience gained from problem solving and decision making activities in the normal day to day work.

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November 1, 2009 at 4:46 pm

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