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Collaborative Ontology Development in Real Telecom Environment

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Jacek Frankowski1, Paweł Rubach2,3, Ewelina Szczekocka2
In this paper, we discuss the use of ontologies for semantic business process management. In particular, we address system and process integration challenges encountered in the real world, based on the example of the telecom domain: Internet-based telephony service (Voice over IP). Various aspects of ontology development are covered including relations to industry standards, ontology creation methodology and practice determined by telecom-specific aspects. Based on the use case example and the YATOSP framework, we ar-gue that the economical justification of the development of domain ontologies, due to their complexity and numerous dependencies, is not straightforward

Telco Ontology

Ontology Development

The motivation standing behind the commitment of TP to the telecom domain ontology stack is the general presumption concerning semantically-enabled business process management: bringing business processes to the business level. In particular even quite basic business involvement (teamed by knowledge engineers) in the ontology creation process brings uncountable benefits in areas such as knowledge transfer among divisions and teams, product knowledge standardizing, rise in awareness of bottlenecks in time-tomarket improvement, workflow management and, last but not least, the business processes management review through the whole services and products division.

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October 23, 2009 at 12:00 am

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