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The Fusion of Process and KM

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L. Russell Records Technology Director, Texas CSC Consulting

“Business Process Management is the ability to design, evaluate, view, manage, and adapt in real-time a number of related business activities, applications, and people, in one or more companies, in a structured sequence, that together achieve a common goal”. This certainly has a very strong process flavor and not much of a nod to any aspect of the need for simultaneous management of knowledge. There are any number of vendor systems that attempt to provide this integrated suite of process management functionality, and we will mention several later in this paper. Most of them provide process design, simulation, integration,
execution, performance management, and optimization to varying degrees. Only in recent months have I seen any recognition of the need to merge process and Knowledge Management and the evolution of systems that enable this fusion. To address this fusion, implementation methodologies and tools must address the required capabilities for both, including Automation, Performance, and Flexibility for the process side, and Collaboration, Search and Retrieval, and Taxonomy for the Knowledge Management side.

km integration

Written by astimen

October 22, 2009 at 1:35 am

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