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Knowledge Management and Business Process Integration Learning


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Jimmy C. Huang, Sue Newell, Shan L. Pan
The empirical findings from an organization, which adopted and implemented ERP, are presented. The focus of this empirical research was to understand the nature and processes of knowledge integration that occur during ERP implementation. While one objective of this paper then is to develop a conceptual framework of knowledge integration, a second objective is to focus on the methodology and demonstrate the various steps involved in adopting a grounded theory approach. In particular this paper takes the reader through the various stages of data analysis, moving from open coding, through axial coding through to selective coding, which leads to the development of the theoretical framework. The theoretical framework suggests that generating ERP awareness prior to adopting the technology, sustaining support from various hierarchical levels throughout the implementation process, and reinforcing the process innovation through the introduction of new technology are all vital to ensuring the knowledge integration that is necessary for ERP implementation.

Knowledge Integration Framework

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October 22, 2009 at 1:18 am

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