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Knowledge Acquisition

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Knowledge Acquisition (KA) includes the elicitation, collection, analysis, modelling and validation of knowledge for knowledge engineering and knowledge management projects. Issues in Knowledge Acquisition deal with some of the most important issues in knowledge acquisition are as follows: Most knowledge is in the heads of experts, Experts have vast amounts of knowledge, Experts have a lot of tacit knowledge, They don’t know all that they know and use, Tacit knowledge is hard (impossible) to describe, Experts are very busy and valuable people, Each expert doesn’t know everything, Knowledge has a “shelf life”

Comparison of KA Techniques
The figure below presents the various techniques described above and shows the types of knowledge they are mainly aimed at eliciting. The vertical axis on the figure represents the dimension from object knowledge to process knowledge, and the horizontal axis represents the dimension from explicit knowledge to tacit knowledge.

knowledge acquisition

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October 22, 2009 at 4:51 pm

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