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Enhanced Telecom Operations Map (eTOM)

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The Enhanced Telecom Operations Map® is an ongoing TM Forum initiative to deliver a business process model or framework for use by service providers and others within the telecommunications industry. The TM Forum Enhanced Telecom Operations Map (or eTOM for short) describes all the enterprise processes required by a service provider and analyses them to different levels of detail according to their significance and priority for the business. For such companies, it serves as the blueprint for process direction and provides a neutral reference point for internal process reengineering needs, partnerships, alliances, and general working agreements with other providers. For suppliers, eTOM outlines potential boundaries of software components to align with the customers’ needs and highlights the required functions, inputs, and outputs that must be upported by products.


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A particular strength of eTOM as a business process framework is that it is part of the TM Forum NGOSS (New Generation Operations Systems and Software) program and links with other work under way in NGOSS. The purpose of eTOM is to build on the recognition and status of the previous TM Forum Telecom Operations Map in setting a vision for the industry to enable it to compete successfully through the implementation of business process-driven approaches to managing the enterprise. This includes ensuring integration among all vital enterprise support systems concerned with service delivery and support. The focus of eTOM is on the business processes used by service providers, the linkages between these processes, the identification of interfaces, and the use of customer, service, resource, supplier/partner and other information by multiple processes.
Download eTOM Ver 7 Full Diagram


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October 22, 2009 at 3:53 am

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