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Workflow Based Controlling

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The term Workflow Application is used in computer programming to capture and develop human to machine interaction. Workflow software aims to provide end users with an easier way to orchestrate or describe complex processing of data in a visual form, much like flow chart but without the need to understand computers or programming.


To day workflow implementation increase to be “Workflow Based Controlling” that focus entirely on information contain in the audit trail the limited quantitative analysis of the event-based history of completed process


This relational activity forms required knowledge process pattern. eTOM zero to 3rd level processes can be used as knowledge assets taxonomy filled by workflow activity’s required knowledge from Subject Matter Experts (SMEs). Driving objectives of processes can produces desired organizational outcomes with measuring, monitoring, controlling and managing based on fact, information, knowledge and wisdom.

Download free ebook Workflow Based Controlling by Muehlen, Michael Zur. 2004 or send email request to


Written by astimen

October 20, 2009 at 1:57 am

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